"Oh what an easy life it must be, just to follow orders.."


well, im not really a talkative person but i'll try to describe myself..

gender: female

height: im 5'6 more or less

weight: around 140? i really dont care :3

eyes: dark brown

-- i'm a psychology grad

--i'm a sarcastic type of person

--i'm a loner

--i love reading books

--i love cats

--i play guitar

--im kinda cool

--im unpredictable

--i love wearing jeans and loose shirts

--i love singing out loud

--i daydream a lot

--i love playing in the rain

--i love cracking jokes

--i looove sports

--i cant focus in front of t.v.

--i curse a lot

--im stubborn and very vocal with my opinions

--i fall asleep anywhere:3

fell free to follow me dont cha' worry i'll follow you back... i guess?? XD

All i know is that i wasnt planning to fall in love with you. Ikaw un tipo ng babae na ayoko tlga, party girl, outgoing, mahilig gumimik. That’s the rison why i decided to date you, kse im safe from you. Sbi ko sa sarili ko we’ll just date and be friends at the same time. Yes, at that time i like somebody else but you are driving me crazy with your habits, demands and antics. The next thing i knew i was fvcking jealous with your previous “prospect”. I knew it was selfish but i dont want you to leave me, i just cant let you go.

And now look at us, we’re celebrating our first month as a couple and im thankful that i listened to my heart., i love you my princess, my sunshine and my Christine. Mahal na mahal po kita sobra♥ i love you! bigtime!